Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rainbow so Bright!

I'm finally back to share something 80's cartoon inspired for Project Run and Play Season 10 Week 1 Sew Along.  This is my Rainbow so Bright skirt!  Its a bit obvious, rainbow skirt, Rainbow Bright, but I get that Rainbow Bright song stuck in my head every time I look at it, so I think its fitting.  "Starlite, Rainbow Bright, a little wish in the moonlight, sunbeam sparkle and shine you'll always be a friend of mine." 

 I added extra pink to our rainbow for two reasons, it is my girl's favorite color, and I needed 8 colors to complete the circle easily. 

To make this colorful circle skirt, I cut 8 pattern pieces from a modified circle skirt pattern.  Instead of using 1/4 of a circle for my pattern, I used 1/8.  I added seam allowances to both sides of my pizza slice and was done.   The 8 pieces were sewn together to make a full circle.  To make a circle skirt, Dana from Made has an easy to follow tutorial found here. 
Once I had the basic skirt constructed, I couldn't decide how I wanted to finish the bottom.  I have seen people add bias tape or simply hem, but I wasn't happy with either of these methods for the variety of colors I would be sewing through.  Since my fabric was a very cheap broadcloth, I wanted to line it with a nice white cotton.  Finally, my solution to finishing the bottom!  I cut a full white circle skirt and sewed it to the rainbow circle right sides together along the outermost circle.  TADA!  I took the time to clip triangles out of the seam allowance, turn with a chop stick, and press crisp.  Then, I basted the tops together before adding the elastic; done with a nice clean finish! 
I hope you enjoyed my 80's cartoon inspired outfit.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. Love that skirt. It's just rainbow bright ;)

  2. what a fun circle skirt!! I love the colors, rainbow bright is excellent inspiration!! I'm currently hosting a sewing series called Sew Many Books. there is a sew a long {with prizes!} If you have sewed anything inspired by a book in 2014 I'd love to have you join! Hop over to Nap-Time Creations and check out the series! Emily

  3. Beautiful neat hem edge on this lovely skirt! So nicely done and so fun:)

  4. I love Dana's tutorial and what little girl wouldn't LOVE a rainbow version! Great job!